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Ghoti: the XWindows IRC Client


Apollo is a file serving script for XChat, which uses public commands (such as !nick, @nick etc) in much the same way as mIRC's OmenServe or SDFind.

A Brief History

I wrote Apollo several years ago, but grew tired of tracking down the many small bugs in it. So while it worked, it was unreliable. A guy called Boredom took over the project, and renamed it to Asoka, tracking down my bugs, and adding a lot of cool features. Unfortunately his site seems to be down (you can view Google's cached copy of the page here), so getting a copy of Asoka is tricky.

Since there seems to be some demand for an XChat serving script, I've decided to resume work on Apollo. Hopefully I'll have a new version ready soon, but in the mean time, this page hosts older versions of the script.


The downloads page is at If you'd like your list of files to contain (in the case of multimedia files) information such as bitrate, samping rate etc, you'll also need to download the MP3-Info Perl module.