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Ghoti: the XWindows IRC Client

About Me

My name is Peter Smith, and I'm a programmer, Web developer, and system administrator from the UK. More recently, I'm also the author of a book on Linux network security, imaginatively entitled Linux Network Security

I started using Linux around 9 years ago, running it on a spare box and SSHing in from my main Windows machine. After a couple of years, I realised that 90% of the work I was doing was in these SSH sessions, so I just abandonded Windows altogether and installed Slackware.

As a regular IRCer, one of my first tasks was to find a replacement for mIRC. BitchX and XChat were some of the first that I tried, and i've been using them ever since. I've never been entirely happy with either, however. XChat looks a little ugly, in my option, while I missed the nicklist in console-based clients: I soon got used to typing commands instead of using a mouse, but I still miss having a constant list of the channel's users visible. Eventually I got off my arse, and decided to do something about it.