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Ghoti: the XWindows IRC Client


This is the homepage of Ghoti, a graphical IRC client for Unix/Linux. You'll also find scripts for XChat and Eggdrop. Please use the menu of the left to find what you're after (if your browser supports them, you should see a description for each menu item when you move your mouse over it).

If you're interested in the work I do as a web developer and system administrator, please visit

Updates (August 2007)

The scripts hosted on this site are rapidly becoming outdated: I rarely use IRC these days, and most have not been updated in over 3 years, so your milage may vary. That said, I hope you will still find them useful, even if just as a basis for your own scripts. Everything is GPL'd, so you're pretty much free to do what you like with them.

If you'd like to take over the Ghoti IRC Client, please let me know - I'd be very greatful. I think it was a very promising project, and was at the beta stage last time I touched it. Sadly I no longer have time to work on it, and have lost interest in IRC anyway